The United Kingdom and Peru enjoy a warm and long-standing relation of friendship, cooperation and mutual respect, which dates back nearly 200 years when not a few Britons contributed to Peru’s fight for independence, and played a role in shaping some of the earliest Peruvian institutions such as the Navy. British entrepreneurs started developing economic and trade links between both countries, making innovative investments in transport infrastructure which later contributed to Peru´s economic growth.

Our bilateral relations are solidly based upon our shared values: Respect for the rule of law, democratic institutions and human rights.

Plus, both countries believe in the benefits of free trade and economic liberty. Alongside this common ground, our cooperation is reaching new frontiers enhancing unprecedented areas, all of them vital for Peru´s development like education, competitiveness, public policies and fight against crime.

While our economic links have deepened to a point in which the United Kingdom has become the second largest investor in Peru, both countries are committed to boost political dialogue and mutual awareness. People to people contacts are flourishing, and the number of Peruvian students in the UK is growing day by day, the same as the number of British tourists and business visitors to Peru.