A brief historic overview:

The first diplomatic mission sent by Peru to Britain was that of Juan García del Río and Diego Paroissien, as Plenipotentiary Ministers dispatched by General José de San Martín in 1822 to discuss the recognition of Peru’s Independence declared only the year before. In 1823 the first British Consul General in Peru, Mr. Thomas Rowcroft, arrived in Callao on board HMS Cambridge. The relationship between Britain and the young republic grew quickly. Many Britons immigrated to Peru, and investors were soon putting their assets into mining, railways construction and other projects along the country.

By the 1830’s, more than 50% of all Peru’s imports were coming from the United Kingdom. Examples of prominent British companies in Peru were the ‘Compañía Peruana de Ferrocarriles’, the 'Pacific Steam Navigation Company', the 'W.R. Grace and Company', and 'Anthony Gibbs & Sons'.


current bilateral relations

The long standing bilateral relation with the United Kingdom maintains a high level of dialogue between its authorities, being trade, investment and cooperation in the educational, judicial and police fields the most relevant issues in the bilateral agenda.

In the trade and investment field, the United Kingdom is the second largest foreign investor amounting at the December 2016 US$ 4.336 million dollars. British investment is directed to different economic areas such as mining, finance, communications, petroleum, services and tourism, among others.

In the last years, trade has shown a surplus favourable to Peruvian exports. In 2016 exports to the United Kingdom reached US$ 577 million, among them an important presence of non-traditional agribusiness products and imports amounted US$ 245 million.

Education is in the centre of the bilateral cooperation agenda. The Embassy participates and promotes the dialogue between education authorities of both countries to secure the access of students to quality opportunities and the exchange of experiences for our respective academic communities. In this regard, both Governments are working together towards a Mutual Recognition of Degrees scheme which will boost cooperation in this field.

Cooperation in science and technology is a new field in the bilateral cooperation. The British Government has decided to include Peru in the Newton Fund for the development of scientific and innovation capacities. Other Pacific Alliance member countries already participate in this fund.