Permanent Representation to the International Maritime Organization (IMO)

Peru is a signatory State of the 1948 Convention on the International Maritime Organization, and Member State since 1968. It is committed to the principles of the Law of the Sea, and has ratified the most important IMO instruments.

Nowadays, oceans and seas face new global challenges, such as climate change, pollution and marine litter, as well as the increasing activities of organized international crime, such as drug trafficking, illegal unreported and unregulated fishing, piracy and terrorism, among others. In this regard, Peru, as a member of the IMO Council, in category C, since 2013, participates actively in the Committees and Subcommittees in order to contribute with the setting of standards and actions on maritime safety, protection of the marine environment, technical cooperation, and implementation of Conventions and adoption of the IMO Strategic Plan.

International Coffee Organisation

The Embassy of Peru in the United Kingdom is in charge of representing Peru at the International Coffee Organization (ICO) based in London.

The ICO is the main intergovernmental organization for world coffee market and brings together producing and consumer countries in order to discuss the main challenges of the sector and promote its sustainable expansion. The ICO was founded in London in 1963 and it currently has 43 exporting members and 7 importing members, including the European Union. Its members countries represent 98% of the world coffee production and 83% of world coffee consumption.