Embassy of peru in the uNITED KINGDOM

We seek to contribute to a better mutual understanding and strengthening of bilateral links between Peru and the UK.

Peru is proud of its millenary cultural legacy and it sees the present and future with optimism. Peru has reached leading positions as the fastest growing and one of the most dynamic and stable economies across Latin America for over a decade and a half. With a stable democratic system and a sound and transparent legal framework ruling foreign investments, Peru is a serious and trustful partner for business. 

Connected to the largest world markets through 19 free trade agreements, it relies on strong macroeconomic foundations, abundant natural resources and an extraordinary biodiversity. As member of APEC, the Pacific Alliance and other regional integration mechanisms, Peru aspires to become a full member of the OECD by its bicentennial, in 2021.

Peru and the UK enjoy a warm and long-standing relation of friendship, cooperation and mutual respect, solidly based upon our shared values such as the rule of law, respect of democratic institutions and human rights. The relation dates back nearly 200 years when not a few Britons contributed to Peru’s fight for independence, and played a role in shaping some of the earliest Peruvian institutions. 

Nowadays, the United Kingdom is the second largest foreign investor in Peru, covering a wide range of economic sectors as mining, telecom, banking and financial services, among others.