A lecture on the history of economic relations between Peru and the United Kingdom given by Dr Rory Miller, based on his book “British companies, economy and politics in Peru, 1850 – 1934” and on further research about the topic.

Dr Miller was a Reader in International Business History at the University of Liverpool and he also was Joint Editor of the Journal of Latin American Studies, published by Cambridge University.

His research is focused on three areas: British business interests in Latin American in the XXI Century; Latin American business history; and the football business.

In 2011, he published the book ‘Empresas Británicas, economia y política en el Perú, 1850 – 1934’, with Instituto de Estudios Peruanos.

He is also a trustee of Canning House.

Lecture Peru UK.jpg

WHEN: Wednesday 27th February, 18.00

WHERE: 14/15 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PS (Council Room)

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