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Capital: Lima

Population: 32.1 million. Lima has 10.05 million.

Languages: Spanish, Quechua and Aymara. Also around 50 native languages are spoken.

Currency: Sol (S/.). It is possible to exchange US dollars, Euros and British Pounds. The average exchange rate is 3.29 Soles per Dollar.

Weather: Peru's weather is diverse due to its vast territory and topography. An arid and hot coast, warm Andean valleys, cold highlands and a huge rain forest are its main features. The main elements that determine the weather in Peru are: its latitude, the different altitude levels as a result of the Andes and the cold Humboldt Current in the Pacific Ocean.

The average temperature in Lima is between 17ºC and 22ºC.

You can check the weather in Peru at The National Weather Service here

Some of the main attractions

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